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Industries Served

We serve the healthcare, legal, and business communities. Our couriers receive extra training that enables them to take on any job. They have hazardous materials training certificates that are compliant with the US Dept of Transportation, and are certified in DOT Courier Training.

For healthcare clients, our couriers have special certifications for medical deliveries. Each courier is fully trained and equipped to provide safe, secure transportation of diagnostic, frozen, and refrigerated specimens, blood work, surgical instruments and trays and other biohazardous shipments.

For the legal and business communities, we can provide US Mail pickup, bank deposit delivery and pickup, inter-branch delivery and pickup, payroll delivery, court filings, auto parts, medical records, title and real estate documents, and magazine and publication distribution, and other services. If you require regular courier service we can create a custom solution for you that suits your schedule and business needs.

It’s our mission to provide each and every client the very best service. Our couriers have specialized skills to serve your specialized industry, ensuring that we are a seamless extension of your organization. You can trust Paceline Couriers to get your deliveries to their destinations on time, every time.