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STAT & Same Day Deliveries

STAT Deliveries

Life moves faster than ever, especially in business. That's why Paceline Couriers offers STAT deliveries that get your package to its destination as quickly as possible. STAT deliveries can arrive within 1-2 hours up to 30 miles away and within 3 hours up to 100 miles away. Ideal for medical deliveries and crucial legal and business transactions, STAT deliveries are your solution for any scenario where you're not just on the clock, but on the stopwatch.

Same Day Deliveries

Same Day deliveries don't have to be expensive. We offer price-sensitive same-day courier service that can arrive within 4 hours for distances of up to 60 miles when booked by noon on weekdays. We can assist in this aspect of your day to day operations, ensuring you stay in touch with clients and affiliates without missing a beat.